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We combine the traditional preparations and ingredients of Mexico’s cuisine with the atmosphere.

We can’t wait to show you more.

We are thrilled to announce that executive chef Alex Yellan is bringing his culinary expertise and experience to the Colectivo kitchen.

Alex's passion for Latin cuisine bloomed from a college studying abroad trip to Mexico and continued after a lengthy stay in Mexico, Central and South America. In Portland, Oregon, he developed as a cook in a Mexican restaurant, Jewish deli, and Thai kitchen. He later joined the opening team at Empellon Taqueria in NYC and eventually helped open the Pok Pok restaurants.

After relocating to Charleston, he put his experience in Mexican cuisine to use establishing Minero. He returned to Minero as Executive Chef after serving as chef de cuisine of the modern restaurant Tu. Alex also served as the opening chef of Tippling House and the Press before starting work on Colectivo.